Who Can See It?

July 31, 2007

Let’s use the comment field for this post to discuss the fate of our class blog.

The default option is to keep it as it is, accessible just to the eight of us.

The other options all involve “decloaking,” either altogether (which would require the consent of all eight of us) or in some selective manner. Seminar participants who didn’t want their names used could, for instance, reset their “nicknames” to hide their identities, or could “opt out” from the accessible version entirely (in which case I’d have some cleaning up to do).

Alternatively, we might also think of adding “users” to the cloaked/closed blog….

So: what do you think we should do?

Walter Murch

July 28, 2007

Walter Murch’s lecture at the Skowhegan School of Painting last night was well worth the drive, not to mention braving the heat, humidity, flitting and nibbling mosquitos, and the hard benches along the perimeter of the “lecture barn.”

For those of you who missed it, the Transom Review’s on-line feature with Murch of several years ago might be of interest. And FilmSound.org offers up a page of Murch’s on-line essays.

Baraka on BAM to Rap

July 26, 2007

Stephanie LaPlante’s Syntagmatic Analysis of Kinnell Reading

July 25, 2007

Click the link below to download Stephanie’s Power Point presentation to your hard drive:

Syntagmatic analysis of Galway Kinnell reading in 2004.

Video Poetry

July 25, 2007

Freaker’s Ball

This video is of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show performing a cover of a Shel Silverstein poem,’Freakin at the Freaker’s Ball’.

Now while this video may not be on the high artistic platform of Williams of Creeley, I think it does speak in accordance with the history of audio production from the Davidson essay. This video reproduction of a poem speaks largley to where the future of recording is heading.  Long gone are the days of simple audio presentation, and that even teh attempts to have a work remain on the page can be udnercut by the technological advances of recording.  All it takes is the intiative of a group of people in order to ply the technology against any front and render it into any format they choose.

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Peter Middleton on Lyn Hejinian

July 25, 2007

Since we’re reading a chapter from his book, I was listening to a talk that Peter Middleton gave on Lyn Hejinian at the Experimental Women’s Poetry Festival at the University of Cambridge. The volume didn’t work on my computer for the second half; I’m not sure if this is a glitch in the site or a glitch in my computer.

Whiteboards for 24 July 2007

July 24, 2007

Syntagmatic analysis of (portion of) William Carlos Williams reading at Harvard in 1951. KEY: P=poem, F=framing discourse.

Syntagmatic analysis of WCW reading at Harvard in December 1951 (left panel)

Syntagmatic analysis of WCW reading at Harvard in December 1951 (right panel)

Here’s a screen shot of the setlist compiled by the Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard:
WCW Set List

For more background on WCW vs. TSE, see this review of Paul Mariani’s biography of Willams (the seventh paragraph registers TSE’s appraisal of WCW).


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